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We keep this page up as a reminder to ourselves how lucky we are. The generosity of people in all the ways we received help was over whelming.  We will always be grateful  for everyone who helped get us back on our feet.
  Hurricane Irene Hits Brookside Hard

August 28,2011 will not soon be forgotten by any of us. First, we are all okay, people and horses. We evacuated all 21 horses in a big hurry in the middle of the storm. Don't think we've ever been so scared!! We had over 5 feet of water in our indoor and about three feet in the big barn. We took horses out in waist deep water. We managed to get 6 horses to Ann's sisters' barn before the road there was not passable. The rest we ended up leading down the road to Adams Farm. Couldn't move them fast enough with the trailer. We have tons of damage, thankfully the barns are all okay but everything in them is wet and muddy, really gross. Various items went out the barn door with the water. The flood waters took down almost all our fencing, including all the posts. The horses now have their stalls and the small paddocks, we are thankful for that. The down fall of that is we are now feeding 10 bales of hay a day instead of them being on grass. We are using our winter months fed now. We have had lots of help with clean up and can see the light at the end of the tunnel, lots more to do but we are gaining. We are taking a huge financial hit with all of this that comes when times are tough anyway. 

Flood damage update, as of Jan. 1st. Brookside has refooted our indoor, has pretty much gotten things back to normal for what is needed for winter anyway.  For the winter we are back in full operation.  That is with huge thanks to alot of wonderful people who have come and helped and those who have made donations to help us back on our feet. Could not have done it with out you!!! 
We still hate to ask for more help but we feel forced to. Come spring we still have a huge amount of work and expence to get back to normal. We have to refoot our outdoor ring, replace 526 fence posts for our pasture,that are just gone, along with all the tape and insulators. We have our office/appartment to refurnish both with office supplies, foaling moniter, heater and all the furniture. Any help you can give will help keep Brookside Stables on the map.      THANK YOU!!!!

Update, As of April 1st. Brookside has started our spring repairs. Starting with our out door riding arena. We have pulled most of the fencing down to be able to really get in and scrape it out. Hopefully tomorrow, Saturday April 7th, the scrapeing will be finished and the fencing will go back up. Then starts the expensive part of putting in the new footing. Shooting for having it done and ready to use by April 22nd for our Cathy Drum clinic. Big thanks to Amanda's "boys" for doing the fencing for us. Greatly appreciated.. We are looking forward to being able to ride in the sunshine!!
Next is our pasture fencing..... The need for about 500 fence posts and all the wire and insulators. First the fields have to be cleared of sand and silt and a bit more trash. A huge thank you goes out to Tanya Telisky for putting together a fund raiser (build Brookside back one post at a time) People are making $10. donations to "buy" a post. A huge thank you to all of you who have made donations. Please keep them coming, replacing all of our fencing is almost a $5000. expence. We are hoping for early green grass this year and need the fencing soon!!  Our apartment/ office repairs are on hold as we can hold off and replace those thinks at a later date. Getting our out door ring and the pasture fencing up has to be done and very soon... Again we can't say thank you enough to those of you who have helped!!  We do see a light at the end of the tunnel and we will hang on and come out of this better then before!! Thank you for all your support, it does make a difference!!

Here we are already  in Sept. a bit more then a year later and things are going great. Still some small stuff left but Brooksdie is going strong again. Once again We'd like to give everyone a HUGE thank you. We could not have done it with out you!!!